1. Quit Your Job Like Andrew Kelley

    An excerpt from a recent interview with Andrew Kelley, creator of the Zig programming language, about quitting his job.

  2. I Hate Magento

    A rant about an open-source ecommerce platform.

  3. Deranged Sinterklaas: The Math and Algorithms of Secret Santa

    How to generate uniformly random derangement for secret santa purposes.

  4. FO Roundup December 2019

    I've started knitting again.

  5. Crochet Your First Hat: Simple Beanie Cap Pattern and Notes

    A friend organized a project to crochet hats for the homeless (or other cold people) this winter. She gave us a simple hat pattern to learn and these notes are my attempt to make sense of it and explain to other beginning crocheters, including a schematic diagram.